Curator Pierson to Lead Discussion

Pierson-header.jpgAshby-Hodge Gallery of American Art curator Tyler Pierson will be giving a talk about his artistic process on April 7, on the campus of Central Methodist University. The lecture will take place at 2 p.m. in Classic Hall, room 101.

Pierson, who joined the Gallery staff as curator last year, received his MFA from the University of North Dakota in 2022. As a primarily charcoal artist, his work focuses on narratives. His artistic practice is structured and fueled by stories. From old myths and metaphors to explorations into the mind and the self, he seeks to explore meaningful messages about life. He is currently featured in the spring semester show, "Journey Through Dante's Inferno.” With his charcoal and watercolor on paper works of art, Pierson joins artists like William Blake and Gustave Doré in illustrating Dante’s Inferno, of the Divine Comedy.

Pierson’s illustrations, which he began making in August, depict Dante and Virgil as ethereal white figures, contrasting the highly detailed souls suffering in Hell. He says the distinction is to underscore their sense of displacement along their travels.

The artist will be speaking not only on his work for the exhibit but also how he has progressed as an artist throughout his career. Pierson hopes the talk will serve as an appreciation of Dante's creative storytelling.

After attending the artist talk, those interested can visit the Ashby-Hodge Gallery on any Sunday, Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday through May 2. The Gallery is open from 1:30 to 4:30 p.m. or by appointment on the first floor of Classic Hall.

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