Awards Earned at 58th Band Day

band-day-23.JPGThe campus of Central Methodist University and the streets of Fayette were once again filled with music and supportive cheers as the 58th Annual Band Day was held on Saturday, October 7. More than 40 schools were in attendance across the competitions in the parade, field, and indoor disciplines.

Many of the schools were led by directors who have attended or are attending Central. Alumni and graduate student directors include Shelly Swink (Glasgow), Lacey Gladden (Glasgow), Daniel Long (Norborne), Jessica Arnold (Cole Camp), Michael Williams (Salisbury), Andrew Maddux (Tipton), Tiffany Lechner (Blair Oaks), Alec Fields (Boonville), Connor Sanchegraw (Brookfield), Kylah Sisk (Clever), Casey McDonald-Schneider (Fatima), Ryan Lewis (Hallsville), and Kelly Neudecker (Fulton).

The top schools in each class went home with trophies and awards for each category. Those results are listed below.

Class 1
Indoor Color Guard: 1st – Norborne, 2nd – North Shelby, 3rd – Orrick
Indoor Drum Line: 1st – Orrick, 2nd – Sweet Springs, 3rd – Glasgow
Parade: 1st – Glasgow, 2nd – North Shelby, 3rd – Orrick
Outstanding Parade Auxiliary – Sweet Springs
Field Competition: 1st – North Shelby, 2nd – Glasgow, 3rd – Sweet Springs
Outstanding Field Auxiliary – North Shelby
Outstanding Field Percussion – Glasgow

Class 2
Indoor Color Guard: 1st – Smithton, 2nd – Mid-Buchanan, 3rd – Fayette, 4th – Gallatin
Indoor Drum Line: 1st – Fayette, 2nd – Tipton, 3rd – Salisbury
Parade: 1st – Fayette, 2nd – New Haven, 3rd – Westran, 4th – New Franklin, 5th – Gallatin
Outstanding Parade Auxiliary – Crest Ridge
Field Competition: 1st – Fayette, 2nd – Lone Jack, 3rd – Westran, 4th – Mid-Buchanan
Outstanding Field Auxiliary – Fayette
Outstanding Field Percussion – Fayette
People’s Choice Award – Salisbury

Class 3
Indoor Color Guard: 1st – Hallsville, 2nd – Macon, 3rd – Trenton
Indoor Drum Line: 1st – Hallsville, 2nd – Trenton, 3rd – Macon
Parade: 1st – Macon, 2nd – Boonville, 3rd – Trenton, 4th – Holden
Outstanding Parade Auxiliary – Boonville
Field Competition: 1st – Macon, 2nd – Owensville, 3rd – Blair Oaks, 4th – Hallsville
Outstanding Field Auxiliary – Blair Oaks
Outstanding Field Percussion – Macon
People’s Choice Award – Boonville

Class 4
Indoor Color Guard: 1st – Oak Grove, 2nd – Kirksville, 3rd – School of the Osage
Indoor Drum Line: 1st – School of the Osage, 2nd – Oak Grove, 3rd – Grandview
Parade: 1st – Oak Grove, 2nd – School of the Osage, 3rd – Fulton
Outstanding Parade Auxiliary – Oak Grove
Field Competition: 1st – School of the Osage, 2nd – Grandview, 3rd – Oak Grove
Outstanding Field Auxiliary – Kirksville
Outstanding Field Percussion – Grandview
Outstanding Drum Major – Grandview
People’s Choice Award – Fulton

Class 5
Indoor Color Guard: 1st – Troy Buchanan
Indoor Drum Line: 1st – Troy Buchanan
Parade: 1st – Troy Buchanan
Outstanding Parade Auxiliary – Troy Buchanan
Field Competition: 1st – Troy Buchanan, 2nd – Park Hill South
Outstanding Field Auxiliary – Troy Buchanan
Outstanding Field Percussion – Troy Buchanan

Band Day Sweepstakes (highest combined score in parade and field) – Macon

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