Summer '23 Dean's List Released

campus-drone.JPGThe office of Central Methodist University Provost Rita Gulstad announced recently the students included on the Summer 2023 Dean's List.

More than 45 students from Central’s online and statewide learning opportunities met the requirements for placement, including a grade point average of 3.50 or higher for the semester.

The following students earned recognition by meeting these academic requirements:

Steffi C. Alava

Benjamin Franklin Alexander

Antonio Raymon Blaylock

Sarah Lynn Boswell

Spencer Houston Breland

James Lee Brown

Mark Anthony Brown

Darin Jay Daniels

Jared Evan Demilia

Ryan Ewald

Andrew Tyler Garner

Victor D. Grapes

Joseph Claude Griest

Matthew Edward Guilford

Hannah Jordan Hall

Brent Lewis Alexander Hamilton

Latik Harris

William Wayne Hatter

Shaun Hill

Greg William Kennebeck

Kaley Noel Kimball

Stephen Maxwell Koller

Shannon Marc Krieg

Jeremiah Karl Lynne

Amon MacVittie

Dominique Clemmons Malone

Michael Murel Mason

Jeffrey Michael McEuen

Terron Andre Mills

Anthony Ray Moore

Nicholas Dean Mouse

Mark Christopher Oppenheim

Victor Lopez Patterson

Christina Ann Rademacher

Dorian T. Samuels

Jill Semau

William Jeremiah Shelton

Brian Michael Standridge

Tyler Louis Tarantola

Javonte Markell Tiger

Jarret Edward Tinsley

William G. Tolson, Jr.

Andre Michael Turner

Ronald Dean Ward

Roger Eugene Yoksh

Keith Edward Young, Jr.

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