Central Partners with R3 Schools

Central Methodist University recently signed an official memorandum of understanding (MOU) with R3 medical and veterinary schools to expand access to education for future doctors and veterinarians. 

The MOU formalized a partnership between CMU and each R3 medical and veterinary school: Saba University School of Medicine (Saba, Netherlands Antilles), Medical University of the Americas (Nevis, St. Kitts and Nevis), and St. Matthew’s School of Medicine and School of Veterinary Medicine (Grand Cayman, Cayman Islands). 

Through this collaboration, CMU students will be able to apply for veterinary or medical degrees through an expedited admissions process. Those accepted will also be eligible for academic merit awards and a partnership grant. 

Jerry Wargo, executive vice president for marketing and recruitment at R3, said, “We are excited to create these pathways of opportunity for the students of CMU to pursue their dreams of becoming physicians or veterinarians.

“Building a network of our undergraduate university partnerships throughout the United States and Canada is a key focus as we look to increase the breadth of experience of our student communities and global alumni network,” Wargo continued.

For Central, this clear pathway complements its strategy to provide additional opportunities for its students with quality international higher education institutions. 

“CMU is pleased to provide pathways such as this to its students and appreciates the seamless approach to the partnership with R3,” said Dr. Rita Gulstad, CMU provost.

Students who complete their doctor of medicine or veterinary program with any of the R3 medical and veterinary schools will be eligible to apply for residency programs and licensure to practice in the United States or Canada. 

“Saba University School of Medicine, St. Matthew’s University School of Medicine, and Medical University of the Americas are leading schools within the Caribbean led by faculty worldwide,” said Wargo. “We are continuing to provide outstanding medical and veterinary education that prepares students to successfully reach their goals of practicing in the US and Canada. We are excited to continue building on this legacy.”

Saba University School of Medicine, St. Matthew’s University School of Medicine, and Medical University of the Americas form part of the Global University Systems’ group of private higher education institutions.

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