Opera Opens February 23

opera-2022.jpgCentral Methodist University and the Swinney Conservatory of Music will present their latest opera production this month, with Die Fledermaus coming to the stage on February 23-25.

A comic operetta in three acts, Die Fledermaus (or The Revenge of the Bat) will be performed in English by the cast and directed by Jonathan Ray, assistant professor of music. The show’s original music was created by Johann Strauss II. The opera centers around Dr. Falke’s attempt to exact revenge on Gabriel Eisenstein for a prank played on him years earlier. Falke invites Eisenstein to the mansion of the billionaire Prince Orlofsky for a night of frivolity and flirtation. What Eisenstein doesn't know is that Falke has also invited his wife, Rosalinda, in disguise to catch him red-handed flirting with other ladies at the party. With a number of fun side characters filling out the cast, the audience will learn all their stories on the way to finding out if Falke’s revenge will be successful, or if it will be Eisenstein or Rosalinda who has the last laugh.

The show will be Ray’s first spring opera since joining the CMU faculty full-time in August. He will be joined by pianist Mary Jane Nance, as well as Terri Rohlfing on costumes.

The cast for the performances includes P. Rob Brown as Gabriel Eisenstein, Dalton Myler as Dr. Falke, and Anna Pendergrass as Rosalinda. Other cast members include Emily Myler as Adele, Connor Rich as Alfred, Cole Nowlin as Dr. Blind, Arielle Prince as Orlofsky, Kaitlyn Bailey as Frankie, and Gram Coalier as Frosch. The CMU opera chorus will also play a vocal role in the production.

Opening night is Thursday, February 23, followed by shows on Friday the 24th and Saturday the 25th. All shows will begin at 7:30 p.m. in Linn Memorial United Methodist Church. General admission tickets are $5, and CMU students can watch for free with student ID.

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