Lane Takes Over IT Helpdesk

Lane.jpgSince graduating from Central Methodist University in 2019, Jordan Lane has held a number of wide-ranging jobs in different industries. But now he has returned to Central and is excited to be taking over the role of customer service specialist in the technology services department.

A native of Marshall, Lane graduated from Marshall High School and joined the Marines shortly after. Upon returning home, he took a year off before enrolling at Central. Lane graduated with a bachelor’s degree in biology, having gained experience at the school as a lab assistant and DigitalU worker, as well as traveling abroad to study in Italy, Switzerland, and Ireland.

After graduation, Lane worked as a long-term substitute teacher and spent time in manual labor jobs. He also works as a nature school coordinator with the Missouri River Bird Observatory and says his ultimate goal is to be an interpreter at a state park.

In his return to CMU, Lane is now responsible for the IT helpdesk, where he fields phone calls and emails about technology issues on campus. He says that in addition to the “atmosphere and benefits” at Central, he is happy to get to be of service to others.

“I’ve always had this drive to help people, so this is a job that I will enjoy doing a lot,” he said.

Lane resides in Slater. Outside of work, he says he is most busy with preparing for the MR340, an annual kayak race along the Missouri River from Kansas City to St. Louis.

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