Official Reunites with Athletic Trainers

lifesavers.jpgMike McCrary doesn’t remember a thing about that warm, sunny afternoon in early September. He doesn’t remember taking the field, or officiating the Eagles’ soccer game.

People told him that he went down and his heart stopped. Two Central Methodist University athletic trainers performed life-saving CPR, and a defibrillator was used more than once. McCrary was without a pulse for quite a while.

The game was quickly suspended, and players from both teams huddled together in prayer as McCrary, 56, was transported to the hospital in Columbia. He survived thanks to the great work of the CMU trainers, and spent a week in the cardiac ICU on his miraculous road to recovery.

Fast-forward to October 6. Central’s board of trustees was honoring the life-saving action of athletic trainers Paden Kleinhesselink and Andy Seaton and CMU student Ricardo Sandulli. The three humbly accepted the accolades and thought the quick ceremony was over. Until McCrary emerged from a back room to thank them in person.

“I wouldn’t be here today if it weren’t for you guys, so thank you,” said McCrary, talking over the applause in the room.

McCrary had hugs and handshakes for each of the trainers, and the audience of trustees were all smiles with the heartwarming ceremony.

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