Jones Moves to International Role

Jones.jpgCentral Methodist University alumnus Darren Jones has been a part of the Central family for 10 years as a student and staff member, and this fall he is beginning a new chapter in his CMU story. The Eagles’ Esports coach since January 2021, Jones has recently begun his new role as international student liaison.

Jones graduated from Central in 2016 before serving as a residential hall director and later a member of the Esports staff. As the head Esports coach, he gained experience in recruiting students for the program. That experience, along with his years as a member of the CMU soccer team, will be crucial to his new role.

“I’m excited to get back to being around international students a lot, having been a member of the soccer team here,” said Jones. “The team is pretty heavily international, and that was a lot of my life while I was at CMU. So I have a pretty good relationship with international students already, and this will give me an opportunity to get back to being around them.”

As the international student liaison, Jones will be doing much of the “hands-on” recruiting of international students for the university. He will be working with partner agencies that find students, assisting them with the task of bringing the students to campus. Jones will be working closely with Central’s assistant dean for international student services, Catherine Baxter.

He will also continue to assist the Esports team in a part-time role.

When he’s not at Central, Jones spends his time coaching youth soccer and spending time with his girlfriend and dog. The three live in Columbia.

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