McQueen Joins Admissions Staff

McQueen.jpgFor the second time in her life, Central Methodist University’s marine biology department has brought Emma McQueen to Fayette when she thought she was headed down a different path.

The first time, McQueen was in high school at Mountain Grove and looking into marine biology programs at schools out of state, when an advisor told her about Central. This time, she was planning to apply for a high school teaching job, and it was Professor Greg Thurmon who suggested she return to the university to follow in his footsteps.

McQueen took Thurmon’s advice to apply, and now she is serving as an admissions representative with specific interest in recruiting for the marine biology program. A 2020 graduate of Central, she went on to earn a master’s degree in marine biology and environmental science from Nova Southern University in Florida before returning to her home state.

“It’s nice to be back in Missouri and at Central,” she said. “It’s kind of comforting. It feels like coming home to family.”

In her new role, McQueen will travel to recruit new students and work to promote the marine biology program. She will attend the program’s trips and help keep students engaged and organized, working closely with Thurmon to provide current students the best learning opportunities possible.

Outside of work, McQueen says she is still adjusting to living in Missouri again after returning from Florida. She lives in Columbia with her boyfriend.

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