Color Guard Competes as Ensemble

CMUWG.JPGThe Central Methodist University Color Guard has officially made its ensemble introduction into the local color guard circuit. After years of “spinning” with the marching band and in solo performances, director Caryn Jeffries’s team competed in its first official Mid-Continent Color Guard Association (MCCGA) event this month.

CMU Winter Guard presented its inaugural program to Sam Yung’s “Part of Your World” and submitted its show to the MCCGA on March 5. Instead of the solo performances submitted in the past, this year the team virtually submitted its four-minute show featuring five performers, all under the CMU name.

“We’ve been spinning for years, and we are now stepping into the competitive side of color guard,” said Jeffries. “[This is a] huge step for this program!”

Based on Winter Guard International (WGI) Standards, CMUWG received an overall Good rating, with Excellent ratings in program repertoire and performance, and Good ratings in composition and skills achievement.

This production featured CMU Marching Band performers Emily Millstead, Alexis McClure, and Lexi Begemann and welcomed Poppy Garner and Haley Martin to the team. The Color Guard is accepting auditions in person and by video submission for 2022. More information on auditions and summer events can be found at

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