Alumnus Joins Student Life Team

Drew.jpgCentral Methodist University graduate Dillon Drew ’18 became the new assistant coordinator of student life at his alma mater this week, and he says he’s happy to be beginning his new job.

“I’m excited to have the opportunity to use my mind a little more than I have been,” said the Salisbury native. “I’ve basically been a manual laborer for the past two and a half years. I’m looking forward to a new challenge of something totally different than what I’ve done before.”

In his time as a religion and church leadership student at Central, Drew was heavily involved in the Navigators and attended nearly every chapel session. He was also a member of the football team for two seasons and took singing and piano lessons from the music department. He’ll use all those experiences in his new role, where his main responsibilities will be working in the Philips-Robb Recreation Center, planning student events, and helping out with intramural sports.

And while he’s enthusiastic about working at his alma mater now, Drew has goals of completing his master’s degree in divinity and Biblical counseling and becoming a counselor.

“After grad school, I hope to be a counselor and assist people with whatever mental needs or illnesses they have,” said Drew. “I personally struggle with mental health and anxiety and depression, and I have this belief that a lot of your calling of what you’re supposed to do in life is tied to what you’ve struggled most with.”

Drew, who recently became engaged, went on to say that his teachers and therapists have been some of the most important influences in his life and future ambitions.

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