Wingbermuehle Joins Admissions Team

Kennedy.jpgCentral Methodist University has welcomed its newest admissions counselor to the enrollment management team, Kennedy Wingbermuehle of Imperial, Mo.

A graduate of Seckman Senior High, Wingbermuehle recently earned a degree in sports management from Oklahoma State University, where she was an active member of the cheer and STUNT teams. As a captain, she led the cheerleading team to a national championship in the Open Large Co-Ed Division 1A this spring.

Wingbermuehle began her job as an admissions counselor on July 6 and will soon get involved in recruiting students in and around her hometown, as well as in the Kansas City territory.

“I’m really excited to travel and meet a lot of people. I love building relationships, so that really excites me,” she said. “I already have connections in those areas, which is really nice for recruiting.”

In addition to her admissions role, she will also be recruiting for a new CMU STUNT team for Fall ’22.

On the personal side, Wingbermuehle is one of four children in a family of athletes and says she has been cheering competitively since the age of six.

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