Dominguez Named to Library Position

Dominguez.jpgOn June 21, Central Methodist University alumna Felixhy Dominguez ’21 began her newest job for her alma mater, library communications assistant.

Dominguez, who came to Central on an academic scholarship from her Methodist high school in El Paso, Texas, says she originally had her sights set on becoming a communications director for a non-profit but enjoyed working in the Smiley Memorial Library as a student and thought she could turn it into a career.

The position is something of a promotion for Dominguez, who previously worked at the front desk assisting visitors to the library. In this role however, she will have both more responsibility and more opportunity for creativity.

“I think the most important thing about this position is how much space for creativity I have in taking care of events for the library and the social media,” she said. “I’m excited to see what impact this job can make in the culture of our college. Hopefully students like the ideas that I have and the events the library will provide. I want it to be a resource for creativity and not just for homework.”

Aside from planning events and maintaining a social media presence, Dominguez will be responsible for training and overseeing the library’s work study students. Having worked in several different areas of the CMU campus, including the library, Museum of History, and athletics, she undoubtedly has the experience to lead.

In her free time, Dominguez says she likes to read, cook, and take pictures, as well as conduct research on her own.

“It might not be super official, but I think it’s interesting to just learn,” she said. “I like to learn.”

Dominguez currently resides in Fayette.

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