Band Heads Out on Tour

Many Central Methodist University students are heading out of town at the end of the week as the school takes a spring recess, but the members of the Central concert band are hitting the road for a different reason. Under the direction of conductor Skip Vandelicht, the band is going back on tour, with stops at five regional high schools on the itinerary.

The band is scheduled to head out on Thursday for a 2 p.m. performance at Westran High School, followed by a noon show at New Franklin High School on Friday. On Monday, the band will visit Glasgow High School for an 8 a.m. performance, and the tour will conclude with two shows on Tuesday, at Fulton High School at 8:15 a.m. and Sullivan High School at 1 p.m.

Band fellows Audrey Brandon and Madalyn Bartholomew will join Vandelicht, along with the following band members on their respective instruments:

  • Flute – Dominique Jordan, Lyna Williams-Whitehead, Maureen Hennessy, Abbey Sorrell, Samantha Reid, and Abigail Hicks
  • Oboe – Megan Adams
  • Clarinet – Bailey Caldwell, Michelle Swink, Kelly Briggs, Alex Autry, Zach Martin, Jessica Arnold, Connor Sanchegraw, and Faith Jasper
  • Bass clarinet – Wesley Spargo
  • Bassoon – Hilary Bloss
  • Alto saxophone – Alec Fields, Austin Schaedler, Heather Armstrong, Sydney Dame, and Jonathan Schlared
  • Baritone saxiphone – Nick Vick
  • Trumpet – Michael Brown, Josh Derendinger, J.T. Bott, Libby Cueni-Smith, Hailey Gorman, and Layla Beyer
  • Horn – Audrey Brandon
  • Trombone – Madalyn Bartholomew, Makenzie Sisney, Jacob Keller, Mackenzie Duey, and Paul Harrison
  • Euphonium – Andrew Adams, Connor Kight, and Bryce Daughterty
  • Tuba – Michael Watts, Ross Nelson, and Brandon Swanson
  • Percussion – Hannah Bailey, Austin Bristow, Grace Hartford, Crystal Kimmi, and Austin Small

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