Presley Moves into English Role

Presley.jpgCentral Methodist University’s new assistant professor of English is Madison Presley, a Kentucky native with teaching experience at multiple institutions of higher education.

Presley, who will be teaching a variety of English courses at Central, received a bachelor’s degree from Indiana University, a master’s at North Carolina State, and a PhD from Florida State University. Her teaching experiences began in Florida and North Carolina, but most recently she served as a visiting professor of English at Kansas Wesleyan University in Salina, Kan. In her final year at the school she also worked as an advisor for students majoring in English.

Presley says she is enthusiastic about getting started at CMU this fall and about getting involved with Digital U.

“I’m excited to plan new courses, participate in the iPad initiative and make use of other technology like the podcast studio, and get to know the students,” she said. “I look forward to being part of the CMU community.”

She has also recently become a member of the Columbia community, after moving with her family from central Kansas. Presley is a mother of two and says her life outside of work is centered around her children, Abilene (2) and Sadie (10 months). In her free time, she enjoys reading as much as she can, watching PBS shows with her husband, and delving into true crime and reality TV.

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