New AASU Officers Ready for Events

The 2019-2020 officers for the African American Student Union have been selected and are preparing for another year of activities both within the club and alongside the greater Central Methodist University community.

AASU will be hosting a tailgate for its students and alumni prior to the homecoming football game and will participate in the parade on the same day. In addition, the organization holds meetings every other Thursday throughout the school year.

Leadership for the AASU during the 2019-2020 school year includes the following students:

Precious Kamudzandu, President
Graduation Year: 2021
Major: Nursing
Hometown: Kansas City, MO
Hobbies: working out and shopping
Favorite thing about AASU: “I love to see everybody enjoying themselves in AASU and I love how AASU is growing every year!”

La’Kiah Wilson, Vice President
Graduation Year: 2022
Major: Criminal justice/political science
Hometown: Raymore, MO
Hobbies: Civic Engagement and Criminal Justice Club, watching TV and eating chips
Favorite thing about AASU: “It spreads diversity and provides an environment where people can be who they are, free of any judgement.”

Brianni Lugo, President of Public Relations
Graduation Year: 2022
Major: Communications
Hometown: Pennsauken, NJ
Hobbies: Soccer, makeup, cooking/baking
Favorite thing about AASU: “Getting to interact with the student body and collaborating ideas they have to improve/occupy their time at Central.”

Abigail Naylor, Treasurer
Graduation Year: 2021
Major: Biology (minor in education)
Hometown: Salisbury, MO
Hobby: Hiking
Favorite thing about AASU: “I like the atmosphere and diversity among the group.”

Chely Stratton, Secretary
Graduation Year: 2022
Major: Biology
Hometown: Raymore, MO
Hobby: Working on music and studying
Favorite thing about AASU: “AASU encourages diversity and provides students with an outlet that encourages them to embrace their unique backgrounds and learn from one another.”

Marchya Jackson, Vice-President of Alumni Relations
Graduation Year: 2021
Major: Sociology (minor in business)
Hometown: Salisbury, MO
Hobby: writing poetry
Favorite thing about AASU: “It gives students of any race or background a chance to come together and celebrate one another for what makes them different and not separate them because of their differences.”

Gloria Mulumba, Secretary
Graduation Year: 2020
Major: Criminal justice (minor in sociology)
Hometown: Helsinki, Finland
Hobbies: Basketball and shopping
Favorite thing about AASU: “Diversity and the atmosphere [that] you feel like you belong to and you’re a part of.”

For a closer look at AASU, follow the group on social media – cmuaasu2019 on Instagram and African American Student Union Central Methodist University on Facebook.

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