Choir Concert Sunday At Linn Memorial

Music lovers on and around the Central Methodist University campus will soon have a chance to take in the great talent of the Chorale and Conservatory Singers at a Sunday concert open to the public.

The performance will take place at 4 p.m., Sunday, October 27, in Linn Memorial United Methodist Church in Fayette.

The Conservatory Singers have chosen a theme of “Songs in America” for the fall concert and will be taking up a freewill offering to benefit a local charitable organization.

The group will perform “Sorida,” a Zimbabwean welcome song by African-American composer Rosephanye Powell; African-American spiritual “Kumbaya,” by Stacey Gibbs; American folk hymn “Good Shepherd,” by Gwyneth Walker; “Beati quorum via,” by English composer Sir Charles Villiers Stanford – with Keaton Denney as student conductor; “Agnus Dei,” arranged by Audrey Snyder; and “Give Me Your Tired, Your Poor,” with words by Emma Lazarus and music from Irving Berlin’s 1949 Broadway musical Miss Liberty, arranged by David Chase.

Pieces chosen by the Chorale will include “Since I Laid My Burden Down,” arranged by Kyle Pederson; “Alleluia,” by Randal Thompson; “Absalom, My Son,” by Michael Barrett; “Leron, Leron Sinta,” arranged by Saunder Choi; “Al, el novio no quiere dinero!” a 15th-century Sephardic, arranged by Mack Wilberg; and “Clementine,” by John David Earnest.

Dr. Laura Wiebe, Assistant Professor of Music, and Dr. Claude Westfall, Director of Choral Activities and Associate Professor of Music, are the conductors for the two groups performing. On piano with the Conservatory Singers will be Mrs. Janet O’Neill, while Dr. Melissa Simons will accompany Chorale on piano.

Participating in the concert with the Chorale Singers in the following sections are:

  • Soprano – Megan Adams, Cori Bryan, Libby Cueni-Smith, Marissa Dickman, Anna Geurkink, Rachel Martin, Anna Pendergrass, and Hailey Dage.
  • Alto – KeKona Asi, Taylor Graham, Hannah Guilford, Crystal Kimmi, Joni Lehman, Amanda Lewis, Cassidy Pachner, Kylie VanGundy, and Kennedy Walker.
  • Tenor – Rob Brown, Ezechiel Daos, Keaton Denney, Joey Mayo, Connor Rich, John Stettes, and Nathan Wren.
  • Bass – Alex Autry, Isaac Bartholomew, Alec Fields, Zach Kierstead, Ben Pilger, Ian Schmidt, Nick Vic, and Hadley Wiggins.

Conservatory singers participating in the event will include:

  • Soprano – Tayler Allen, Hannah Bailey, Catherine Barnard, Hilary Bloss, Rebecca Dey, Addylyn Gabriel, Anna Geurkink, Emily Greene, Rachel Guilford, Grace Hartford, Sarah King, Mikayla Kinkade, Emilee Moody, Samantha Reid, Carli Rohlfing, Abbey Ruggles, Hailey Sage, Amanda Schrivener, and Makenzie Sisney.
  • Alto – Kate Anderson, KeKona Asi, Carlie Baldus, Lexi Begemann, Emily Braden, Kelly Briggs, Taylor Graham, Hunter Hanson, Alicia King, Joni Lehman, Amanda Lewis, Lilly Powell, Sydney Pipes, Chely Stratton, Molly Taylor, Shailey Townlain, Mikayla Uhlemeyer, Kylie VanGundy, and Lyna Williams-Whitehead.
  • Tenor – Rob Brown, Ezechiel Daos, Keaton Denney, Jack Fender, Tres Hampton, D.J. Jordan, Landon Rothgeb, and Nathan Wren.
  • Baritone/Bass – Zach Barnes, Austin Bristow, Ben Kixmiller, Grady Matteson, Ian Schmidt, Colby Vincent, and Michael Watts.

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