Anatomage Table Up And Running in Stedman Hall

CMU Anatomage TableOne of the most advanced pieces of visualization technology in medical science – an Anatomage Table – is now assembled and working in Stedman Hall of Science at Central Methodist University.

The table is a clinical tool that will soon be used in anatomy and physiology classes at Central. It is also being used in many of the world’s leading medical schools and institutions.

“We’re looking forward to training on it,” said Dr. Megan Hess, chair of the Division of Health Professions. “The Anatomage Table is not only the best alternative to actual dissection, but we have acquired additional modules that include animals as well. It will support so many of our students at CMU.”

Hess, who with other faculty members will spend significant time training to use the Anatomage Table, said it will give students a 3D perspective not only on how a body is put together, but how its systems interrelate.

Central’s Director of Digital Learning, Drew Robinson, was chatting with members of the University’s Board of Trustees in the spring about ways to incorporate new forms of digital learning in the classroom when the Anatomage Table came up in conversation.

Alumna Sondra Spaulding (’57) was influenced by Robinson’s passion, and that coupled with a desire for students at her alma mater to have the best, led to a generous donation to cover the cost of the table.

The Anatomage Table is a long touchscreen table that runs on Windows 10. It is supported by high-powered personal computing beneath the table, as well as impressively performing software that features fly-throughs, quizzes, flashcards, self-study, and annotation right on the table.

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