Final Days To View Anniversary Show At Ashby-Hodge

There is still time to visit Central Methodist University’s Ashby-Hodge Gallery of American Art to view The Anniversary Gala Show, The Permanent Collection, which runs until July 12. 

The show, which opened on April 24, includes two galleries of the Ashby-Hodge’s Ashby collection, donated by Dr. Lawrence and Loretta Ashby, who helped establish the Gallery in 1993, and one gallery that includes other art pieces from the Ashby-Hodge Gallery’s permanent collection.

Among the Ashby collection is a myriad of artists and media. Some pieces of art were given to the Ashby-Hodge Gallery when it first opened in 1993. Others were doled out through the years, with the final gift coming with the passing of both Dr. Lawrence and Loretta Ashby. A partial list of the artists includes Roger Medearis, Birger Sandzen, Randall Davey, Oscar E. Berninghaus, Charles Dana Gibson, Charles Cecil Pollock, Aaron Bohrod. Jean MacLane, and Earl F. Bennett.

The artwork on display includes egg tempra, oil, watercolor, pen and ink, and other media.

The part of the show that belongs to the permanent collection, aside from the Ashby works, has some of the same artists, but also more contemporary artists including works that are comprised of multiple pieces or a variety of media; for example, Chuck McFall’s series of photographs of a woman dancing that forms a single exhibit item. Additional contemporary artists include Peggy Guest, Penny Brown, Edna Schenk, J.M. Holman, Tom Yancey, Frank Stack, and Larry Kantner.

The next gallery show will run Sept. 2 – Nov. 15. Titled “The Light Fantastic,” it will feature the multi-collection of Robert McDonald Graham Jr. and “Home on the Range” horses by Butch Murphy.

The Gallery is open Sunday, as well as Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday from 1:30-4:30 p.m. Private and group showings can be arranged by calling 660-248-6304 or Handicap parking is available.

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