Praise Bands Visiting Fayette Assistance Homes

The student-led chapel programs on the Fayette campus of Central Methodist University have increased in size and activity. At this point there are three Praise Bands that alternate and sometimes join forces in sharing the music during the Tuesday morning services.

Led by Dr. Ryan McLouth, assistant professor of music and the Music Ministry Program Coordinator, the three music groups have decided to branch out into the town and reach people who would not otherwise receive their message of Christian love.

Tuesday, May 1, marks their first foray into centers for special people. At 11 a.m. each group will visit one of the following—Endless Options, Ashbury Heights, and Fayette Caring Center—to bring music and lead the people in worship.

Involved in the Praise Bands are Rachel Martin (junior music education major from Fayette), McKenna Nelson (senior music major from Macon), Hannah Guilford (junior music education major from Centralia), Abbey Ruggles (junior music major from Fayette), Rachel Dorman (junior biology major from Jefferson City),

Catherine Barnard (sophomore nursing major from Columbia), Cayla Carr (senior music education major from Mount Sterling), Shelby Schaffer (senior athletic training major from Macon), Crystal Kimmi (sophomore music education major from Stockton),

Andrew Wooldridge (junior business major from Columbia), Alec Fields (freshman music education major from Fulton), Joseph Mayo (freshman music ministry from Lee’s Summit), Maddie Ryffel (freshman early childhood education major from St. Louis),

Brooke Striegel (freshman religion and church leadership major from Holts Summit), Alec Eivins (freshman music ministry major from Eolia), Chance Roberts (sophomore exercise science major from Fayette), Sam Million (junior music major from St. Louis),

Lee Jimerson (senior business major from St. Louis), Dillon Drew (senior religion and church leadership major from Clifton Hill), Spencer Dry (freshman music major from Benton City), Quiz Falls (sophomore communication major from Marshall) ,

Josiah Kee (junior music ministry major from Franklin), Brendan Wiesehan (junior music education major from Villa Ridge), and Kevin Helmerichs (senior music major from Lake Ozark).

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