Annual Music Festival Is Here

One of the sure signs of spring is the arrival of the annual Music Fest held at Central Methodist University’s Fayette campus. This year’s all-day event Friday, March 2 drew more than 3,000 and featured nearly 70 high school and junior high bands, orchestras, and choirs.

Rather than competing against each other, each soloist or group was evaluated on a scale of I (top) through V. The festival is designed in part to help prepare individuals and groups for the upcoming district and state competitions.

Choirs performing in Linn Memorial Church were the CIS Chamber Choir, Holy Rosary, Fulton Middle School Hornet Pride, Vienna High School Choir One, St. Pius X Boys, Fulton Middle School Hornet Singers, Lincoln Concert Choir, St. Pius X Girls,

Vienna Middle School, Westran High School, Mexico Middle School, South Callaway High School, Sturgeon Middle School, CIS Girls, Helias 9th Grade, Our Lady of Lourdes Junior High, Mexico High School Women, Macon Middle School Mixed, Helias Concert Choir,

Beuker Middle School Mixed, Odessa Middle School, Elsberry High School, Bevier Concert Choir, Mexico High School Mixed, CIS Boys, Bearean Christian Academy, St. Joseph Mixed, Stover High School,

Fayette High School, LSE Middle School, South Shelby Concert Choir, and Fatima High School.

Bands and Orchestras performing in the Inman Student Center will be St. Pius X, Slater, Our Lady of Lourdes Junior High, Pilot Grove, Mexico Middle School, Chester Boren Junior High, California Middle School, Russellville 7th Grade, Helias Symphonic, Fulton Middle School,

Russellville 8th Grade, Bueker Middle School, Eldon 7th Grade, Knob Knoster 8th Grade, Kingsville Junior High, Mark Twain Junior High, Montgomery County Middle School, North Shelby, Smith Cotton Junior High, Kingsville High School, Mark Twain 8th Grade, Sturgeon Middle School, Bevier, Westran 8th Grade, Louisiana High School,

Laquey Middle School, Westran 7th Grade, West Middle School, Laquey High School, Westran High School, South Callaway Middle School, West 8th Grade, Fayette.


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