Thill To Present Guest Recital

Lisa Thill, adjunct music professor at Swinney Conservatory of Music, Central Methodist University, will perform a flute recital with the assistance of several friends on Sunday, Aug. 27.

The recital is at 7:30 p.m. in the Willie Mae Kountz Recital Hall on the Fayette campus. The recital promises to be both interesting and fun.

In addition to teaching flute at CMU, Thill teaches young flutists at the Lisa Thill Franck Flute Studio in Columbia, which she founded in 1994. She is also a freelance classical and jazz performer in the Columbia area.

Joining in the concert will be members of Thill’s family, which comprise the band Totally Franck, including her husband Dr. Gordon Franck, who plays guitar and ukulele; and Teeney Franck, their daughter, who sings lead and serves as fashion and costume director.

Two student flutists from CMU also will participate in the concert. Mikaela Lewis is a senior music education major from Harrisburg, and Samantha Shively, a senior music education major from Monroe City.

Lewis will play in addition to a traditional flute, the traverso. A traverso is a Baroque Era predecessor to the modern flute, also called the “old flute,” “early flute,” or “Baroque flute.”

Also performing for the concert is Emily Franke, a former member of the LTF Flute Studio who currently studies at the University of Missouri, Columbia. Additionally, Thill will be joined by flutist Kathleen Basi, a composer, author, and freelance musician in the Columbia area. She co-directs Our Lady of Lourdes’ Contemporary Choral Group.

Music performed will include “Intrada” by Franck; “Le colloque des deux perruches (Allegro, Larghetto I, Scherzando, Larghetto II, and Pesto)” by Françaix; a jazz standard set to be announced, “Un Joueur de flute berce les ruines” by Poulenc; “Sonate No. 3” by Devienne; “Childhood (Swing Sets and Superheroes)” by Kathleen Basi; and an original set by Gordon Franck.

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