Director Of Athletics Turns Author

Brian SpielbauerMany in the Central Methodist University community think of Brian Spielbauer as “the sports guy” or “the one who’s always cracking jokes.” But soon, he’ll be spoken of as a published author. He combined his vision and passion, and decided to go for it.

Spielbauer, a Guttenberg, Iowa native, recently finished his third year at Central as the director of athletics. He oversees Eagle athletics, game-day management, CMU’s athletic website, the Champions of Character Program, and more.

Spielbauer received a Bachelor of Arts degree in Education from William Penn University (Oskaloosa, Iowa). He got his Master of Arts degree in Sports Studies from Bemidji State University (Bemidji, Minn.).

He first read The Hobbit and Lord of the Rings – best-selling fantasy novels – in sixth grade, and in those moments of deep reading, he fell in love with fiction, the fantasy world, and story-telling for the first time.

“I really enjoy writing, and linking words and phrases together. Words can be very powerful, and move people to make changes in themselves, and have feelings,” Spielbauer said. “Often when we talk, we are not allowed to get our entire thoughts out to fully illustrate what we mean.”

Inspired by J.R.R. Tolkien’s Lord of the Rings, Spielbauer began writing down his own ideas for a story approximately eight years ago. 

“I love the dwarves and wanted them to have larger parts in the [Lord of the Rings] books and movies,” Spielbauer said. “I thought this would make a good area to stretch.”

The plot of his stories have changed quite a bit over the last eight years, which he said has made writing the book “a journey in itself.”

Spielbauer’s fantasy series is called the Tales of Lemuria.  The first book will be released September 1.

Tales of Lemuria: The Demon’s Chamber, is the story of Tegan and Telon, proud dwarf princes of Tunder Bin. The tragic murder of their father propels Tegan, the elder brother, on the path to the throne, but an ancient menace kidnaps his wife. Tegan pursues the enemy, leaving the unsure Telon to handle the affairs of the wavering kingdom. The two brothers must find their own way. Meanwhile, a traitor, one far too close to each of them, works with the enemy to bring the dwarf kingdoms to destruction.

According to Spielbauer, all series speak of the need for hope, and are about keeping faith alive even in the darkest times. Incredible characters are met along the journeys. That includes people who help them along their way and join their cause. There are also those who seek to waylay them, and destroy their mission. 

So, how does Spielbauer find the time to write? University athletic directors work weekends and several nights each week along with regular office hours. But he finds his moments early in the mornings, usually between 5-7 a.m.

“I am the sharpest and most creative at that time,” Spielbauer said. “I still have plenty in the tank when I go to work, and I am blessed to work at such a well-rounded school like CMU; just being in this environment where the fine arts and creativity are valued has aided me in getting to this point.”

A college friend who is beginning a publishing company, Rodney Earle, is helping publish Spielbauer’s stories. A website will soon be launched, and Spielbauer requests for those interested to follow him on Facebook to keep up on the details.

Spielbauer thanked his wife, Jennifer, and daughters, Sydney and Allie, for their support over the years. He additionally thanked Earle, his editor, who he said believed in the story and author enough to get it published.

“On the simplest level, I want people to enjoy the books. Nothing more,” Spielbauer said. “On the highest level, I would like to have them be amazingly popular so one day I can sit in a movie theatre and watch them. Then people could cheer when it’s over, and I could hear at least one person say, ‘It wasn’t nearly as good as the book! That would be awesome.”

Spielbauer is already working on a new book, Life Everlasting, which focuses around four young men in college who are trying to discover who they are in the grand scheme of life and in faith.

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