CMU Music Fest Results

Explore SCUBA Day was all about the veterans and their experiences, but everyone who helped make it possible agreed it was an enlightening and rewarding event. 

“It’s exciting to have the experience of working with veterans,” said CMU junior Carmelo Calandro, a Marine Biology major from Imperial. “I think they’re receiving a whole new perspective about what Marine Biology really means, and having a great time doing it.”

Also helping make the day possible were Erin Carr and Kelly Schilling, both recreational therapists from Truman Memorial. One of the main goals, according to Carr, is to expose veterans to experiences that integrate them into the community – igniting an interest, and encouraging them to independently pursue the activities further. 

“This is our first time doing SCUBA, but it has been great -- we’re always interested in community activities that will help veterans,” Carr said. “It’s been an absolutely wonderful opportunity, and we’ve really enjoyed it.”

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